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VERTICAL PRESS Mod. 0301 - GMB 300T/2000 cc


Mould closing force ton 300
Surface opening force ton 6.8
Max. mould closing travel mm 20
Column gap mm 630
Max gap between surfaces mm 1050
Minimum/maximum mould thickness mm 70/450/500
Net sizes of the heating surface mm 600×790
Frame travel mm 500
Shifting surface Yes
Mobile surface travel mm 600
Internal extractor travel mm 120
External extractor travel mm 120
Injection capacity Cm3 2000-
Pressure on the material to inject Kg/cm2 1800
Punch diameter mm 80
Plasticizing screw diameter mm 45
Injection unit travel mm 320
Thermoregulation zone NO. 2
Max screw rotation speed (no load) g/1’ 10/120
Max operating pressure Bar 175
Pump capacity Lt/1’ 78
Oil tank capacity Lt ~ 300
Heating surfaces
Pump motor
Control units
Total power
Press weight