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La costante ricerca di prodotti tecnologicamente avanzati, ha spinto la Gmb Presse Srl  ad adottare una nuova soluzione per ridurre i consumi e i  rumori della pressa.

PIISMA SERVOMOTOR: energy on demand

PIISMA variable-speed command system provides remarkable operational benefits to the system on which it is installed, without altering the performances.

PIISMA system consists in servomotor of variable speed, controlled through inverter coupled to a pump with internal gearing and constant capacity, whose power can be adapted to the actual demand, in order to eliminate losses when the machine is not operational.

When the machine is off, the pump’s motor also turns off with remarkable impacts on energy saving and efficiency.
An accurate closed-loop check of the capacity and pressure can be performed autonomously through the operational internal software.

PIISMA’s main advantages:

  • Energy saving up to 80%
  • Adjustment of the number of revolutions and pressure according to the machine cycle and actual operational need.
  • System simplification.
  • Elimination of all proportional valves.
  • Reduction of the tank volume up to 80%.
  • Noise reduction up to 20 dB during machine cycle and 100% during cycle breaks.
  • Longer durability of the pump.
  • Maximum repeatability of Capacity/Pressure parameters
  • Improved system performance.
  • Lower overall weight of the pump motor unit.
  • Size reduction by over 60%.
  • Lower heating of the oil and surrounding environment.

The advantages gained in the application of Piisma in sectors concerning the production of plastic and rubber injection presses, hydraulic presses and die-casting machines, are numerous.

PIISMA modular system can be installed on any press, of small or large sizes, with circuit featuring traditional pump or with circuit with hydro-pneumatic accumulators.