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Cooling systems have always been a point of strength of Gmb Presse Srl  which focused since its early stages, on the development of air thermoregulators.

Gmb air thermoregulators use a solenoid valve to reduce temperatures. They are suitable to be mounted on the machine, ensuring high performances in terms of

  • maximum efficiency
  • energy saving


  • Width 450 mm
  • Height 600 mm
  • Depth 800 mm
  • Weight kg 55
  • Immersion pump with bronze impeller and 0.9 Kw power
  • Tank capacity lt.15
  • Aluminium radiator, air cooling power 8.5 kw with 24 vdc electro-fan
  • Resistance diam 250×210 power 5kw
  • Heating surface supply with static relay
  • thermoregulation instrument Gefran 600
  • Electric level for tank oil control
  • Double safety thermostat
  • 24 Vdc auxiliary circuit